The Whooster Investigative Data and Technology Platform provides Data You Need—Where and When You Need It

Rapid results for your name search, phone search, background check, or skip trace – Find Out WHO Fast

Serving law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector across the United States, Whooster is an investigative data delivery company.

We deliver fresh identifying information driven to your device within seconds of your request.  In the field or your office, our Data Fusion Technology and algorithms link and match to provide information cultivated from billions of continuously updated record data sets through our tools Whooster LE and Whooster.

Whooster LE and Whooster

Whooster leads the industry in rapid delivery of relevant person search, identity management, criminal investigations, collections, and fraud discovery information.  With real-time networked data sets involving billions of records, we deliver actionable intelligence to solve your investigation faster or speed investigative analysis.

Gain access to relevant, fast data results for your sector through tools including:

  • Whooster LE: Data served within seconds, Whooster LE is currently the only SMS / Text Messaging investigative database tool available.  Whooster LE is widely used by law enforcement and government agencies for field work when there is no time or internet access to spare.  Use SaaS, DaaS, or SMS / Text Messaging platforms to gain rapid access to the data results you need.
  • Whooster: Use Whooster data depth and speed to save time and money in the field.  Professionals involved with investigations, asset recovery, collections, insurance, risk management, compliance and other private sector enterprise work smarter, not harder with Whooster.

Do you need to find someone? Our technology meets your data needs

Accurate and current data drives both commerce and criminal enterprise.  Enforcement and business interests look to Whooster LE and Whooster for fast access to convenient, cost-effective data solutions to locate individuals, find connections between individuals, uncover financial crimes, and identify verification.

From criminal investigation and skip tracing, to risk management, assessment and due diligence, Whooster LE and Whooster are data solutions that deliver essential data for investigations related to:

  • Person location, skip tracing
  • Witness and relative location
  • Due diligence
  • Background investigations
  • Industry investigation
  • Corporate fraud and risk management
  • Organized criminal enterprise
  • Narcotics, human trafficking
  • Identity theft
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • Collections
  • Revenue and tax collection
  • Violent crime, racketeering, sex crimes
  • Fraud discovery and prevention

Private sector clients that benefit from our person search and phone data include:

  • Private, Professional and Asset investigators
  • Bail bond companies
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Healthcare – Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Towing
  • Corporate and enterprise
  • Credit bureaus
  • Financial institutions
  • Non-credentialed clients (Non-GLB data)
  • Collections
  • Recover (Judgment)

Who are we? An experienced business and investigative data management and technical team

Our management team possesses decades of corporate, technological, and public data delivery experience.  Using SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS/DaaS platforms, Whooster is a leading provider of real-time data on the U.S. population.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Mobile request and delivery of critical identifying data within seconds on a web-free platform
  • Business model leveraging API-integration with leading data concerns
  • Accomplished management and technology team
  • Affordability and billing flexibility

Whooster: Your partner for real-time investigative data

Proprietary technology, extensive access to current and historical record data sets, and partnership with leading data providers gives Whooster the capability to deliver comprehensive results across platforms with Whooster LE and Whooster.

Watch the below quick video to see how our tools work for you, or contact us today to set up a free trial.

“Using data provided by Whooster LE, authorities arrested a suspect in the brutal daylight murder of a middle school student.” — STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT


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