Reliable Investigative Data for Law Enforcement, Government, and Business

Real-time data on the U.S. population delivered via mobile in seconds

Whooster delivers data solution tools to law enforcement, agency, and private sector clients who need real-time delivery of accurate data on the location, assets, and background of individuals and businesses.

Who uses Whooster?

Through SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS service, Whooster Data Fusion technology delivers the fresh, reliable data needed for enforcement, regulatory, and private concerns.

Our products include:

  • Whooster LE: Whooster LE is a leading data tool for law enforcement, state and federal, and government agencies and analysts.
  • Whooster: Whooster is our private sector tool, providing fast, credible  data to clients including investigators, attorneys and law firms, collections, corporate risk and fraud, financial institutions (banks, credit unions, securities firms), judgment recovery, insurance, and bail bond representatives.

Whooster LE and Whooster give essential service to those who need real-time delivery of accurate data on the location, assets, and background of individuals and businesses.

How is your real-time data delivered?

Dependable data is useful only when it is delivered fast and cost-effectively.

We are an industry leader in delivery platforms that include:

  • SMS / Text Messaging: Use a text-enabled device to receive current and historical person search and telephone data within five to seven seconds of your query.  No app or internet access required.
  • SaaS: Receive reliable data via any internet-connected device filtered through our Data Fusion engine from billions of current data sets.
  • Batch: Handle large files and data requests by uploading data to Whooster or Whooster LE and receive reliable results with a fast turnaround.
  • Direct Connect: Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities—saving you time and money.
  • Web-Based: Partnership affiliations between Whooster and leading investigative software technology firms gives you access to our Data Fusion Engine within the ecosystem of software you may already use for cell forensics, investigation of human trafficking, case management, cell forensics, or signal interception.

These are stand-alone, or build-on products for public and private sector clients who need to rapidly and cost-effectively acquire and use reliable data covering the population of the United States.

Robust data solutions for investigation, research, and analytics

Data drives criminal investigation, intelligence gathering, insurance and legal due diligence as well as  other services across the public and private sector.  Offering a wide array of information via advanced, proprietary technology, Whooster LE and Whooster give you the capability to view and match information from billions of records.

Whooster LE and Whooster serve diverse industry segments including:

  • Law enforcement: With 850-plus partner agencies across the country already using Whooster LE products, we continue to leverage relationships with leading software and tech companies to increase  data access. While federal, local police, sheriff, and other policing entities also use proprietary criminal justice platforms, Whooster LE delivers an aggregated reservoir of data to support criminal investigations and inquiries into persons of interest.  Successful criminal investigation depends on 360-degree data, and Whooster LE delivers it within seconds to any device capable of receiving text.
  • Government agencies: The federal agency network relies on accurate receipt of intelligence, including location, and other data.  Used to prepare and deliver information products to other areas of the government and the public, Whooster provides powerful support in uncovering fraud, aiding with investigations into terrorism and counter-measures, and background checks and identity verification for criminal and security screens, legal due diligence, and compliance
  • Corporate risk management, legal, and collections: From skip tracing, to witness and juror evaluation, to business due diligence, Whooster offers products that simplify your job, and ensure the highest quality of intelligence you can obtain for background, security, and criminal records.

Collection agencies must have cutting-edge tools to provide the whereabouts of people and assets.  Whether via SMS text, or SaaS to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, Whooster delivers deep data you can count on to your mobile or wired device.

On both your mobile or Internet-connected device, we deliver business and person search data within seconds from public and private records throughout the United States.

Complete your investigation—or your due diligence—with Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions

Whooster LE and Whooster tools are easy to learn and use.  You pay only for data you use without the need to maintain costly internal data resources.  Check out a quick demonstration, or sign-up for a free trial.

Whatever your information needs, we are an industry leader in the rapid delivery of credible information filtered from billions of fresh data sets. Contact us today for more information.

“We have been using Whooster for several months. The overwhelming response from our analysts is that it has become one of the first places they go when they need to identify suspects via phone numbers. The information is current, accurate, and rich.” — ANALYST, LAW ENFORCEMENT


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