Comprehensive Data Resources for Government and Intelligence Agencies

Fast delivery of current records for analysts, investigators and compliance officers

The use of data by federal agencies and analysts for the detection, investigation, development of intelligence products, due diligence and legal compliance has never been greater.  With the rapid expansion of information resourcing technologies, current and historical telephone data, once maintained on internal servers at great expense, is available from integrated data providers like Whooster LE.

Whooster is an established provider and developer of investigative products for law enforcement, agencies, and commercial enterprises.  Our agency data solution, Whooster LE, offers access to billions of public and private records, proving a valuable partnership to government agencies and intelligence groups.

We currently work with more than 850 agencies providing services, including:

  • SMS / Text Messaging platform: Delivery of data in the field to your mobile device without an app or web access.
  • Web-Based platform: Internet-supported solutions including search, data retrieval and batching.
  • Batch platform: Integrated into our Web Based platform batch 2 – 100,000 + records at one time.
  • Direct Connect: Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities—saving you time and money.
  • Integrated SaaS Solutions: Gain access to our Data Fusion Engine through our API-Affiliates that offer products used for human trafficking investigations, call detail record analysis, cell forensics, case management, and signal interception, among others.

Skip trace information, background checks, reverse phone lookup, and a mobile phone directory are just a few of the capabilities our data products offer.

Fast, secure data results for investigations, fraud detection, and incident awareness

Whooster LE uses our proprietary algorithms combined with API-licensing with multiple data providers.  Fast acquisition of reliable data, through search or batching, reduces the time you spend on data collection.  With real-time updates through our API, you gain access to fresh information and pay only for what you consume.

Partnering with Whooster LE enables you to develop and deploy intelligence products that support:

  • Adding to, and parsing, current information to develop awareness of possible threats involving persons, regions, or infrastructure
  • Increasing situational awareness across the relevant sector
  • Developing longer term assessments and evaluations of historical or developing situations
  • Adding to knowledge about persons of interest

Access to multiple resources from a single data source gives state and federal and other agencies and specialized task forces the capability to create a bigger picture with less money and effort.  As we build out our licensing model, Whooster LE will offer the most comprehensive, current results in the investigative information industry.

Whooster LE complies with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and delivers data under tight control that includes up-to-date encryption and security, routine penetration testing, and data storage including SSAE 16 certifications.

Get the information results you need quickly from Whooster LE

Quickly delivering search results across devices, Whooster LE offers powerful partnering capabilities to law enforcement, agency analysts, and commerce.  When you are looking to uncover violations, or initiate a narcotics or sex crime investigation, we help with quality investigative data.

View a demonstration of our product, or take advantage of a free-trial.  Increase your results while you reduce time and budget expense. Contact Whooster LE today to find out Who Fast.

“The interface is efficient, yet simple with powerful results provided in an Excel format allowing for quick analysis which I can then pass to the investigator.” ANALYST, GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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