Targeted Data to Locate Suspects, Understand Relationships, and Verify Identity

Strategic data solutions for skip tracing, person searches and phone data – including cell phones

Effective law enforcement requires the ability to identify and locate persons, detect patterns, and create comprehensive, actionable intelligence.  Whooster LE data products rapidly deliver the information you need by filtering billions of fresh records.

Whooster LE serves law enforcement, sheriff departments, counter-terrorism units and military, transit, campus, and other police units across the United States.  Currently partnering with more than 850 law enforcement divisions, our proprietary technology is unique in the industry—allowing you to acquire information within seconds on your handheld device.

At a crime scene and during the aftermath, First Responders and others need to know who they are speaking with, and the location of persons of interest.  Police use secure agency information platforms, intelligence products, and tools like Whooster LE to assess identity and add to current intelligence.

Need skip trace or reverse phone lookup right now?  Use Whooster LE

Instead of taking the time and budget to maintain an agency database, Whooster LE gives you fingertip access to robust data sets to find the information you need within seconds.  How does it work?

Leading the industry in the mobile delivery of person search data, Whooster LE technology lets you send a text query, and receive a response via text within five to seven seconds.  You need no Internet or WiFi access.  If you have a text-enabled device, you have immediate access to information on individuals throughout the United States in your hands.

Save on the budget resources otherwise used on costly database maintenance and save time on records searches that now only take seconds.

You have access to information that includes:

  • Number-to-name
  • Address
  • Phone number and history
  • Name-to-number
  • Alias 
  • Additional name
  • Address
  • Additional addresses
  • Carrier and carrier history
  • Whooster Cell Directory Assistance
  • Birth date
  • Relative names
  • Location Routing Numbers (LRN)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Historical porting

Direct Connect of the Whooster LE API with your proprietary search software, or in select investigative technology software, means our tools filter information from data sets covering a broad range of community, commercial, personal, and phone data.

Just some of our current record sets include:

  • Name, alias, email, date of birth, social security number, email
  • Telephone numbers, carrier, and porting data
  • Relatives and addresses
  • Current and historical addresses

Look for future data sets to include:

  • Common resident, neighbors
  • Voter registration, social media, people at work
  • Civil court and criminal records, sex offenders, Patriot act, bankruptcy, Family court
  • Business and corporate filings, UCC
  • Assets, property, motor vehicle, water and aircraft
  • Driver, professional, sports, FAA, and weapons licenses

Law enforcement relies on Whooster LE data and dependability

Whether you need locating data or batch processing, Whooster LE offers comprehensive data solutions in a delivery mode that suits your need.

Notes one Head Analyst:

“Whooster LE’s ability to analyze bulk sets of phone numbers and return results in a short time span allows me to quickly produce calling pattern conclusions and jump start an investigation.”

“The interface is efficient, yet simple with powerful results provided in an Excel format allowing for quick analysis which I can then pass to the investigator.”

“The team at Whooster LE has been fantastic to work with as we transitioned to their product, answering questions and providing support in furtherance of our investigations.”

The Whooster LE difference—strategic, streamlined investigative data at your fingertips

Identify suspects faster and solve cases sooner with Whooster LE data solutions.  Sign up for a free trial or take a look at our short demonstration.  When you need the edge on a robbery, homicide, narcotics, human trafficking or terrorism investigation, Whooster LE gets you the data to get it done.  Talk to us today.

“Whooster’s ability to analyze bulk sets of phone numbers and return results in a short time span allows me to quickly produce calling pattern conclusions and jump start an investigation.” INVESTIGATOR, LAW ENFORCEMENT


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