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Whooster’s Advanced Analytics Give Insurers the Edge They Need

Innovative Insurance Fraud detection software is specifically designed to benefit different insurance areas and matters

Millions of Americans rely on insurance to protect their property, homes, and lives: and millions of businesses rely on insurance to protect their businesses. At Whooster, our patented algorithms and advanced data fusion helps insurers with insurance fraud investigations, user onboarding, application verification, risk management, and more.

We provide real-time, accurate data on people and businesses. No matter if you use our service in the field or at your desk, you can expect a detailed report with the information you need to deliver top-tier service to your valued customers. With Whooster’s OWL technology, public and proprietary records are easily accessible and navigable and can be linked and matched with your own confidential and proprietary data. Search quickly for specific individuals, relations between people, businesses and assets, and vehicle traffic histories.

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Whooster Data & OWL Technology Assists

  • Property — Casualty
    Property — Casualty
  • Workers Compensation
    Workers Compensation
  • Medical — Medicaid, Medicare
    Medical — Medicaid, Medicare
  • Fraud & Investigations
    Fraud & Investigations
  • Getting to know your customer
    Getting to know your customer
  • Identity Verifications
    Identity Verifications
  • Application Verifications
    Application Verifications
  • Pre-fill Applications
    Pre-fill Applications
  • Risk Management
    Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Collections
  • User On-Boarding
    User On-Boarding
  • Locating people (Subjects & Witnesses)
    Locating people (Subjects & Witnesses)

Whooster In Action

Fraud and investigations

Fact: The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that approximately 10% or more of property and casualty insurance claims could be fraudulent.

Given the size and financial scope of the insurance industry, some level of fraud is to be expected. Yet the FBI reports that the cost of insurance fraud is estimated to be around $30 billion a year. Using Whooster’s technology, Insurance claims investigators can swiftly locate people based on their phone number, residential or electronic address, social media, known associates, and other information. And, with our Text Messaging Platform (SMS/MMS) integration, it can all be done in real-time from the field with no internet connection.

When Derek Jones was presumed dead in a kayaking accident, his wife was left heartbroken thinking that his body would never be found. Left mourning and with a mountain of bills to pay, she carried on hope that one day she could put his remains to rest. Then something odd happened — a woman claiming to be Derek’s wife contacted the family’s insurer about collecting Derek’s life insurance policy.

Investigators used Whooster’s technology to conduct a search on Derek’s phone number, and contacts and discovered he faked the drowning and had eloped to the Florida Keys with another woman. Authorities were contacted and Derek was arrested for insurance fraud.

Fraud and investigations

User Onboarding

Fact: According to the Insurance Information Institute, the insurance industry is comprised of thousands of businesses collecting more than $1.1 trillion in premiums per year.

In the insurance business, the key to lasting relationships is a seamless user onboarding experience. Today, new customers expect that any insurer — big or small — will have a snappy, technologically advanced system in place. The user onboarding process is your chance to make a good impression and give your customers peace of mind that they made the right choice in choosing a policy holder.

A new home, car, and family on the way, Karen Miles was shopping for the right insurer. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to bundle home and auto, until she came across an insurer using Whooster. From the first phone call, she felt at ease. The entire process was quick and efficient, and her first policy was set up with a few clicks — no mountain of paperwork necessary. Thanks to Whooster, her insurer was able to provide an automated pre-fill application and verification process that fit into her busy life.

User Onboarding

Locating People

Fact: Unclaimed life insurance benefits in the U.S. are over $1 billion.

As an insurer, you need rapid, accurate data on your customers. Whether you are investigating a claim, investigating suspected insurance fraud, trying to locate the recipient of a policy, verifying an auto is housed at the location on the application, you cannot afford delays or issues in obtaining information. Whooster’s powerful software finds the data you need, when you need it, and with just a few clicks.

When Mortimer Tennessee died in his sleep at 92, his friends and neighbors remembered him fondly for his sharp wit and love of wine. They could not recall however, where his niece and only beneficiary Betty was living. Without Whooster’s real-time data aggregation and patented algorithm, Betty would never know of her uncle’s passing or that she was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Within a day of Mortimer’s passing, his insurance company used Whooster to locate Betty in a small town on the other side of the country.

Locating People

Risk Management

The insurance industry likely faces changes in federal regulations on the road ahead. Staying abreast of such developments is integral to both risk management and compliance. Given the abundance of risk-related data that must be consolidated, and accessible, effective risk management and compliance demands assistance from advanced analytics software like Whooster. With our real-time aggregation of data, you can stay one step ahead of uncertainty, resolve potential incidents of fraud with insurance fraud detection, and remain compliant in the ever-changing regulatory environment, ensuring your bottom-line is secure.

Steve Joplin, an insurance agent for a major insurance company, just completed the sale of an auto policy for a new customer. Within weeks, the customer reported their car stolen and filed a claim. Relying on Whooster’s access to a wide range of public and private data, Steven compared the suspicious claim to past claims that were fraudulent and noticed a correlation. The claim was immediately flagged for an investigation. Within a day, the customer’s car was located hidden in a barn on their property. Thanks to Steve’s use of Whooster insurance fraud solutions, he saved his insurance company time and money.

Risk Management
Disclaimer: Use case examples are not actual due to privacy restrictions. They are representative of solutions provided by Whooster.

Advanced Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics Technology

Whooster - Innovative Software Solutions & Tools

  • Web-Based Platform
    Web-Based Platform

    Internet-supported solutions including search, data retrieval and batching.

  • Batch Platform
    Batch Platform

    Integrated into our Web-Based platform. Batch 2 – 100,000+ records at one time.

  • Text Messaging Platform
    Text Messaging Platform

    Delivery of data in the field to your mobile device without an app or web access.

  • Direct Connect
    Direct Connect

    Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities – saving you time and money.

  • Integrated DaaS Solutions
    Integrated DaaS Solutions

    Gain access to our data fusion engine through our API Affiliates that offer products used for human trafficking investigations, cell detail record analysis, cell forensics, case management and signal interception, among others.

  • Access Your Own Data
    Access Your Own Data

    Challenged on How to Access your Proprietary – Classified and Legacy – Structured or Unstructured Datasets –Struggling to Incorporate New Data Sources - Whooster’s Owl Technology is the solution.

Whooster Protects the Insurers and the Insured.

Whether you are adding new customers, investigating possible fraud, managing corporate risk or just trying to locate an insured person or witness, Whooster empowers you to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Customer Stories

  • Whooster Assists Human Trafficking Task Force Make 14 Arrests in Texas
    Whooster Assists Human Trafficking Task Force Make 14 Arrests in Texas
  • Analysis of Bulk Sets of Phone Numbers Produce Calling Patterns AND Jump Start Investigations
    Analysis of Bulk Sets of Phone Numbers Produce Calling Patterns AND Jump Start Investigations
  • First Place to Go to Identify Suspects
    First Place to Go to Identify Suspects
  • Whooster Helped Greatly in Solving The Case in 24 hours from Shots Fired to Confession
    Wooster Helped Greatly in Solving The Case in 24 hours from Shots Fired to Confession