Investigation Data Technology Helps You Locate Suspects and Close Cases

Law enforcement, government agencies and private sector clients turn to Whooster LE and Whooster to find suspects, evaluate fraud, and reduce risk

Big Data is the go-to partner for government agencies, enforcement, and intelligence groups who need fast solutions at a lower cost. In the private sector, data drives process and profit. Whooster LE and Whooster Data Fusion technology pair the power of proprietary algorithms with premier data partners to offer an industry-leading data resource.

Whooster LE and Whooster serve your investigative database needs— Find out WHO fast

What makes Whooster LE and Whooster different?  Unlike a static, stationery internal database, Whooster LE and Whooster leverage our application program interface (API) with public and private data sources, as well as leading software and tech companies, to get you reliable and fresh information when you need it.

Because our Data Fusion technology begins with intelligence from multiple sources, you spend less time looking for, and more time working with, data.  Our proprietary algorithms sort, match, and link results to surface previously unknown relationships, identify assets, and smoothly run background checks and due diligence.

  • Number-to-name
  • Address
  • Phone number and history
  • Name-to-number
  • Alias 
  • Additional name
  • Address
  • Additional addresses
  • Carrier and carrier history
  • Whooster Cell Directory Assistance
  • Birth date
  • Relative names
  • Location Routing Numbers (LRN)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Historical porting

Whooster On-line Ads Search

Whooster continues to bring law enforcement analysts and investigators the tools and data needed in helping bring their cases to a successful resolution. Linking phone numbers, name and city of the subject or VIN the Whooster On-Line Ad search will access over 1 Billion Current and Historical and ads, including reports and pictures when available.

Whooster Social Media Search

Speed additional investigative data by entering in a phone number and Whooster Social Media Search will access social media sites and return the users social media name.

Choose the transmission method that fits your needs and time:

  • Our industry-leading SMS / Text Messaging platform gives you 24/7 access to reliable identity information wherever you can receive a text—no WiFi or Internet access required.
  • Receive reliable data via any internet-connected device filtered through our Data Fusion engine from billions of current data sets.
  • Access in-depth, analytic information, batching, and Direct Connect solutions through our SaaS and DaaS solutions via smartphone, or other Internet connected device.
  • Partnership affiliations between Whooster and leading investigative software technology firms gives you access to our Data Fusion Engine within the ecosystem of software you may already use for cell forensics, investigation of human trafficking, case management, cell forensics, or signal interception.

Parties who use Whooster LE include:

  • Law enforcement: Drug and human trafficking area programs, state and federal police,  prosecutors and Attorneys General, coroners, the judiciary, probations and corrections units, and also campus, housing, transit, and military police
  • Government agencies: State, federal and government security, and service agencies and organizations, housing and utility agencies

Business concerns that take advantage of Whooster capabilities include:

  • Legal: Attorneys, law firms, individuals involved with corporate issues, risk management, due diligence, or background checks, business operators involved with asset identification and recovery, protection, and collections
  • Commerce: Educational, retail, credit and healthcare due diligence, investigative, identification, and insurance interests, corporate risk and private fraud units, non-credentialed customers (Non-GLB Data)

Whooster LE and Whooster Web Access delivers via SaaS to your smartphone, tablet, or computer—with phone batching capabilities when needed.

Who are you really talking to?

An important advantage of Whooster LE and Whooster is alias information.  While commonly associated with street crime like robbery, theft, or sex crimes, aliases are used frequently in white collar and cyber crimes, or for insurance fraud.  Whether law enforcement, analyst, or corporate risk management—it is important to know if an alias is in play.

Our tools deliver alias, other known names, and alternative addresses via SMS / Text Messaging, web, batch, Direct Connect or through our affiliate partners—giving you a more complete picture of who you are dealing with.

In a study reported in the Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, researchers found the following:

  • Alternative names are frequently used in criminal enterprise
  • Some aliases are created by typographical error
  • Rather than a completely different name, most aliases are similar to given names
  • The use of aliases could indicate future (or past) serious antisocial and criminal behavior
  • A review of the criminal records of habitual offenders showed these individuals use eight aliases on average
  • Aliases pose a serious problem for the criminal justice system

The use of an alias is an effort to avoid immediate arrest and escape questioning. Investigators, state police and others challenged to quickly identify and potentially detain suspects need to understand their true identity as soon as possible.

Understanding alias use is also important for private and professional investigators, collections, fraud, risk assessment and due diligence around small and major investments.

When you need to know who you are talking to—Whooster can tell you WHO fast.

Secure access and delivery through SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS

Secure information access and transfer is vital in any industry.  We proactively manage the risk surrounding personally identifiable information (PII) through the use of up-to-date technologies for data, encryption, and infrastructure security.

In data supply, Whooster LE and Whooster are compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

Data delivery occurs within tight controls that include:

  • Progressively monitored and updated data encryption and security
  • Regular penetration testing
  • Third party process and data protection including SSAE 16 certifications

Let Big Data work for you. Spend more time looking for your suspects, recovering assets, building a counter-terrorism effort, conducting application verification, or investigating healthcare fraud.  Whooster LE and Whooster proprietary tech delivers targeted, reliable data to reduce the time and budget needed for your investigation.

Rapid access to billions of public and private record—in seconds

From skip tracing to batch processing, Whooster LE and Whooster offers tech and data tools that are scalable, nimble, and the ones you need.

Take advantage of a free trial, or see a demonstration of our leading-edge investigative data SMS / Text Messaging platform.  When seconds are on the line—use Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions.  Contact us to talk about how Whooster can help you find WHO fast today.

“The variety of information that can be obtained through the system has aided my investigations significantly.  By using Whooster, I am able to eliminate subjects more efficiently due to the variety of data the system compiles in an up to date, easy to read format. The Whooster Team is a pleasure to work with, and I find the product to be an excellent tool.” — ANALYST, GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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