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Locate People, Assets, and Track Hidden Connections

Power Your Asset Recovery Investigations with Whooster Data Aggregation

Conduct asset recovery investigation

Whether in the public or private sector, you need precise, comprehensive data insights for asset recovery. To perform this task, you need to first locate the debtor, or subject within the critical timeline. Hence, you need to prepare an insightful web of data insights to discover the hidden connections. Accumulating different types of datasets such as relatives, friends, workplace history, address, etc. can be a daunting task.

With Whooster data analytics you get real-time insights which will help you uncover the critical information on the subject. Access multiple public and private sector databases at your fingertips to locate your subject and recover the assets.

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Find people and recover assets efficiently

To recover the assets, you need to locate the person of interest. These people can be hard-to-find and well-planned with their strategy. So, you must not miss a single connection or clue during the investigation.

Whooster data insights add efficiency and speed to your research process. Gain access to billions of trusted data attributes all in one place and have a glance at the big picture to identify the hidden connections of people, assets, and businesses. With Whooster’s data solutions, find subjects, locate assets, businesses, and crucial witnesses that support your investigations.

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Unlock clues to your search criteria with Whooster Data Intelligence

  • Conduct efficient research

    Data can be vast and in multiple formats. Having the ability to view these multiple formats in the big picture makes your research efficient.

  • Build customer loyalty

    A satisfied customer brings in loyalty towards your business. Through a simplified user on-boarding process, customer loyalty is improved, ensuring increased retention and reducing customer abandonment.

  • Map out hidden connections

    Criminals are always a step ahead, so we need to be cautious and research multiple data insights of every single clue to map out all possible hidden connections between people, witnesses, assets, etc.

  • Comprehensive & real-time data

    As the top data solutions provider, we know the pivotal role of quick and real-time data availability when you are in search of the person of interest.

  • Locate hard-to-find subjects

    Map out the relationships between the suspects and businesses to locate hard-to-find subjects. Whooster gives you access to filter multiple public-private sector data sets and investigate from a comprehensive 360-degree view.

  • Authenticate witnesses

    Validate your witnesses with the Whooster comprehensive data algorithm in seconds. Uncover new possible leads from digging deep into the investigations and authenticating witnesses on the spot.

How does Whooster help in locating people?

Unclaimed life insurance benefits in the U.S. are over $1 billion.

Case: When Mortimer Tennessee died in his sleep at 92, his friends and neighbors remembered him fondly for his sharp wit and love of wine. They could not recall, however, where his niece and only beneficiary Betty was living. Without Whooster’s real-time data aggregation and a patented algorithm, Betty would never know of her uncle’s passing or that she was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. Within a day of Mortimer’s passing, his insurance company used Whooster to locate Betty in a small town on the other side of the country.