Boost User Capabilities and Become a Whooster LE Integrated SaaS Solutions Partner

Data Fusion technology delivers access to powerful real-time person search data

Improve your value proposition through an API-partnership with Whooster Data Fusion technology. Siloed data solutions waste time, money, and cause clients to look elsewhere for an integrated, one-stop investigative technology software solution.  Expand your architecture, and your client base, through API-affiliation with Whooster.

Why choose Whooster LE?

Because we are an industry leader in investigative data delivery.

Whooster LE leads the industry in the delivery of person search information.  Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies and private sector clients seek easy, rapid access to reliable investigative tools and software.  Whooster meets that need in two ways:

Data: The proprietary search algorithms that compose our Data Fusion engine effectively match, filter, and deliver reliable data from billions of networked, continuously refreshed public and private data sets.

Just some of the actionable intelligence quickly available through the Whooster API includes:

  • Number-to-name
  • Address
  • Phone number and history
  • Name-to-number
  • Alias 
  • Additional name
  • Address
  • Additional addresses
  • Carrier and carrier history
  • Birth date
  • Relative names
  • Location Routing Numbers (LRN)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Historical porting

Delivery: Well-known for its broad data set network, Whooster LE enjoys an industry-wide reputation for rapid results through our SMS and SaaS platforms:

  • Our SMS text platform returns people search, skip trace, and reverse phone search results on any text-enabled device within five to seven seconds without need for an app or internet access.
  • Internet-supported SaaS services quickly deliver filtered data through our web interface, batching, client API integration—and our partner affiliations with major technology providers in the law enforcement and investigation industries.

Rapidly becoming a best-in-class investigative database resource, our products Whooster LE and Whooster deliver from our Data Fusion engine.  Give your clients access to rapidly delivered, authoritative data sets by integrating our data API into your software solution.

API integration puts your product on the developing edge of fresh data delivery

Currently, we work with partners like Cellebrite, Oxygen, Pen-Link, SyTech Technologies and others who offer investigative tools to government agencies, law enforcement, and private sector clients.

Just some of their software services include: 

  • Cell forensics
  • Signal interception
  • Call detail record analysis
  • Case management
  • Human trafficking investigation

Use our Data Fusion API to become  an Integrated SaaS Solutions Partner to broaden your ecosystem of product solutions by offering your clients the data capabilities to successfully undertake:

  • Skip tracing
  • Identify verification and authentication
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Investigation of crime and terrorism
  • Compliance and legal due diligence
  • Fraud discovery and prevention
  • Application verification
  • Contingency planning and preparedness

Partner with Whooster LE today

Give your clients more of what they are looking for—credible, fast person search data.  Reduce the time your customers spend outside your app, improve service offerings, and boost time and cost efficiencies.  Use our Data Fusion technology to deliver a user experience that offers value, drives satisfaction, and builds-out your client base.  Contact us today.


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