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Fast, reliable identity service via SMS / Text Messaging or SaaS/DaaS on the web

Whooster tools provide real-time data solutions that drive data directly to you – when and where you need it.  Our proprietary algorithms, partnerships with data resources, and Data Fusion Technology make Whooster LE and Whooster invaluable to law enforcement, government agencies, and private businesses across the United States.

SMS / Text Messaging – No Internet Required

For ease of use and rapid delivery while in the field or office, our SMS / Text Messaging platform is the industry leader for delivery of actionable intelligence.  With Whooster LE, you don’t need Internet or WiFi access to receive critically important information.

Leading-edge investigative database tools and solutions from Whooster

In addition to updating and accumulating data, we regularly add powerful new data solution tools. Whooster LE and Whooster are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, investigators, agency analysts, and others who require current information about individuals or businesses throughout the U.S.  Gain access to billions of fresh, continuously renewing data sets through deliverables including:

  • SMS / Text Messaging platform: Conduct a person search or phone query by entering a name, or partial name, send your text, and wait approximately 10 seconds.  This ground-breaking technology is saving time and money for public, private and professional investigators—and solving cases.
  • Web solutions: Whatever your industry, use Whooster LE for continuous investigation, skip trace information or organized crime investigation.
  • Batch: Use your internet-connected device to upload and run multiple queries on large files, gaining quick, reliable results.
  • Direct Connect: Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities—saving you time and money.
  • Integrated SaaS Solutions: We partner with major cell forensics, signal interception, call detail record analyzers, case management systems and human trafficking Investigations technology companies to provide integrated capabilities in products used for case management, cell forensics, signal interception and more.

People searches, reverse phone search, and more are easily available through Whooster LE and Whooster licensed products.  Real-time API data partnerships give you direct access to more than 30 billion current and historical data sets from public and private data sources and credit bureaus.

Cost effective data delivery supports investigation or risk management

Because our collaborative API model gives us access to a wide network of data sets, Whooster tools eliminate internal server build-out and maintenance.

Whooster LE and Whooster products deliver real-time, reliable information to clients that include:

Whooster LE:

  • Government agencies and organizations
  • State, local, and federal police, law enforcement units and judiciary
  • Transportation safety agencies, airport police, and Specialized Task Forces
  • Campus, housing, transit, and military police
  • Corrections and probation staff
  • Defense and intelligence personnel


  • Law firms and attorneys
  • Private and Professional investigators, collections, asset recovery personnel
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Retail, insurance, corporate, and financial institutions

If you need a background check, skip trace, query, or quick acquisition of links between people, assets, businesses, licenses, phone or court records *, Whooster products deliver reliable data—to your device of choice. Find out Who Fast.

Learn more about Whooster and Whooster LE data solutions today

Do not spend extra time, or budget, looking for investigative data you could receive in seconds via text on your phone or tablet.  Whether you are an investigator, analyst, or work in the insurance or financial sector, Whooster LE and Whooster data tools deliver.

Contact us to set up a free trial or learn more about how our smart SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS data solutions can work for your agency.

“I used Whooster to return credit cards, a watch to someone, and a brand new telephone to another. They were super appreciative of it beyond belief.  The items were found in the river and turned into me.  Everyone else would have dropped them in evidence and it would have been destroyed two years later.”— STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT

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