Need to Search Large Data Files?  Use Whooster LE and Whooster Batch Solution

Accurately filter thousands of investigative database files in minutes

When you need fast turnaround and accurate results on large data files, use our Whooster LE or Whooster batch solution.

Filtering billions of continuously updated public and private data files, our proprietary Data Fusion technology drives reliable results to law enforcement, government agencies, and private sector clients across the country.

Delivering rapid, accurate results through a diverse set of modalities, Whooster LE investigative database tools offer go-to capabilities for acquiring actionable intelligence on individuals and business interests in the United States.  Get the information you need when, where, and how you need it.

How can batch files help your investigative and analysis process?

Name search, background check, legal due diligence, criminal investigation—for any number of reasons, you may need to run thousands of phone numbers—fast.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of query files, batching is an effective process to gain a better view of your investigation, or your data landscape. Use our convenient web interface to upload your files and receive authoritative, timely results.

The benefits of batching include:

  • Minimize the time used to retrieve results from high volume data sets.
  • Quickly receive current and historical person search and name to number phone information for skip tracing and other investigations.
  • Reduce costs and ramp up results by receiving reliable results in less time.
  • Receive securely transmitted results regardless of the size of your query.
  • Our Data Fusion API continuously refreshes to ensure high quality data hygiene
  • Finding the right person the first time moves identify verification or people search queries ahead faster.

With any query, the information returned is only as good as the information entered or stored in private or public data sets.  Networked through API with major data networks, Whooster LE provides available information quickly with the expectation of client verification.

Other SaaS features offered through Whooster LE include web queries, Direct Connect through our API interface and our Integrated SaaS Solution.  Our Integrated SaaS tool provides access to our industry-leading technology through integration with major law enforcement software platforms.

Streamline your analytic or investigative process using our Whooster LE batch solution.  Available through any internet-connected device, batching delivers Big Data to answer big investigative questions.

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We deliver SMS data to operatives in the field without internet access or SaaS service to your web-supported device.  Focused on providing reliable data to government, law enforcement, and private interests, we deliver fresh, targeted data support when and where you need it.

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