Streamline Your Search—Integrate our Direct Connect API

Securely access current external data directly from your in-house platform

When your business depends on data, there is no time to wait until tomorrow.  Whether doing people searches, name to number search, or a background check, save time and money through Direct Connect to our Data Fusion search technology.

Agencies, law enforcement, and enterprise profit when they manage workflow and complete projects successfully in less time.  Whooster Direct Connect is a natural data solution for large concerns with propriety software and actionable investigative data needs.

The information—and the person you are looking for—is out there.  When you use Direct Connect, you improve your chances of getting your answer, and the right person search data, the first time around.  Our technology filters for false positives, noise, and error—giving you clean data from extensively networked resources.

What is Whooster Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is an API service that connects you directly with our Data Fusion engine.  Tapping directly into our proprietary search tech, you remain in your company or agency platform while gaining rapid access to reliable, robust data results.  Stay in your ecosystem—get the information you need fast.

Integration of Direct Connect offers benefits that include:

  • Efficiency: For analysts and investigators, integration with our Data Fusion engine gives you on-demand access to networked resources covering billions of data sets.  When person search, asset recovery, and skip tracing are routine for your business, an integrated tool gives you outsourced capabilities within your proprietary platform.
  • Data: We are providers of data provided to law enforcement, government and private sector clients through multiple modes including Direct Connect API.  Good data is our differentiator.  Boost your analytic, investigative, or collections capabilities with algorithms that return the fresh, comprehensive data you need to do your job.  Filtering multiple data sets for fraud discovery or other need, Direct Connects gives you fingertip access to current and historical public and private data sets.
  • Cost: Save time and streamline your search efforts by using Direct Connect to reduce your search hour and infrastructure costs.  Internally maintained investigative databases are easily outdated and expensive.  Pay only for the data intelligence you use by integrating our continuously updating API.

When you have high volume data needs, Direct Connect is the answer.  Leverage the value and use of your in-house software through the advanced search capabilities offered by Direct Connect.

If your agency or organization requires operations data in the field, our Data Fusion technology is also seamlessly available through an SMS text platform and our Whooster LE and Whooster products.

Direct Connect API is the answer for actionable in-house data

When your organization or enterprise depends on the rapid acquisition of data for investigative, law enforcement, or other purposes, contact us.  Sign up for a free trial or talk to us about how we can save you time and money through integration directly with the Whooster LE Data Fusion engine.


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