Whooster LE Integrated SaaS Solutions Deliver Powerful Information Resources

Get more data from an investigative platform you already use

Big Data is an important resource for investigative data modeling and analytic assessment.  Whooster LE partners with leading data source and software companies to boost your data reach and capabilities.

The most complete background pictures are formed through multiple data resources.  With a business model based on outreach, Whooster LE Integrated SaaS Solutions extend data sets through API licensing with leading data sources.  Using Whooster LE within your existing investigative software saves you time and money.

Leading tech + integration = faster service and more data

Whether you are conducting a skip trace, people search, reverse phone search, or are leading a counter-terrorism effort, we deliver the data.

As an investigative database aggregator, the benefits of using our tools include:

  • Fast, accessible data delivery: Using an SMS message platform, Whooster has a stand-alone advantage to other investigative data providers—you do not need internet access, or WiFi to transmit and receive data.  Better yet—your query results are returned in seconds, not hours.  Because we license our API to data partners, you are ensured your queries are filtered, linked, and matched against billions of records.
  • Data to any device: In addition to SMS data to any text-enabled device, Whooster LE seamlessly fulfills data requests through a SaaS platform and solutions.  Give your investigators and analysts the ability to work afield, or internet-connected—use Whooster LE on your device of choice.  Integrated SaaS solutions mean you have access to our Data Fusion Engine within the ecosystem of your existing investigative software—save time and budget.
  • Reduced cost of goods: Reap the benefit of hours and money saved by paying only for the cost of data consumed.  Our API continually updates to ensure your date is fresh when you need it.

Whooster LE Integrated SaaS Solutions extends the value proposition of software you may already use

For law enforcement or investigative and government agencies using proprietary software and technology, the Whooster proprietary API is integrated into products you may already be using.

These are companies offering related identity and investigative services that are already serving tens of thousands of law enforcement and government entities with their software solutions.

Some of our affiliate partners include:

  • Cellebrite: Intelligence services serving 30,000 global deployments
  • Oxygen: Cellular forensics
  • Pen-Link: Telecommunications intelligence
  • SyTech Technologies – Beta V1 – Active:  Switch-based video and data transmission monitoring

Secure investigative database delivery services

Whether stand-alone or as an integrated feature of an intelligence software platform, Whooster LE delivers reliable, fresh data on the device of your choice.

Data delivery and risk management are our business.  We are compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).  We structure delivery of public and personally identifiable information (PII) through leading encryption and infrastructure technologies.

Our security protocols include:

  • Routine monitoring and updating of encryption and security processes
  • Regular penetration testing
  • Data protection and third party security processes including SSAE 16 certifications

When you need rapid, reliable results—Whooster LE is your investigative partner

Serving law enforcement, government agencies, and business interests across the United States, Integrated SaaS Solutions help you get the data you need—when you need it.  View our demonstration or sign-up for a free trial to experience the Whooster difference.  Contact us today.


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