Out in the Field with No Internet Connection – Whooster LE and Whooster Puts Person Search Data in Your Hands in Seconds

SMS / Text Messaging search platforms deliver names, addresses, and more

If you can receive a text on your mobile device, you can receive identity verification information in seconds with our industry-leading Whooster LE and Whooster data tools.

Whether you work with local or state police, a government agency, or are a private or professional investigator, the rapid acquisition of dependable, real-time data is critical to your work.  Our Data Fusion technology and partnering agreements provide you with access to more than 30 billion records on individuals throughout the United States.

The Whooster and Whooster LE data difference:  Matching need with speed

For those who work in investigations, law enforcement, or specialized task forces, actionable information represents important pieces of the puzzle as you try to resolve a matter or close a case.

Reliable person data is part of the puzzle.  You need number-to-name, address, or reverse phone lookup—but you don’t have time to wait—and you may not have internet access. Simply text the number in question to Whooster LE or Whooster and receive a response text within five to seven seconds. It’s that simple.

Some key benefits of Whooster and Whooster LE include:

  • No Internet or WiFi is needed to transmit request and receive data
  • Fast response time
  • Our proprietary algorithms and resource partnering give you targeted access to the deep data contained in public and private record data sets
  • You gain fast access to robust current and historical phone number data sets

There’s no waiting to launch an app—just text and go.

For law enforcement, Whooster LE gives you fast access to:

  • Number-to-name
  • Address
  • Carrier
  • DOB
  • Alias 
  • Additional name
  • Telephone porting date
  • Phone type
  • Reverse phone look-up
  • Additional addresses
  • Birth date
  • Relative names

Private sector clients use Whooster for person searches that include current and historical phone and address data.

Whooster LE also gives you access to Cell Directory Assistance.  Transmit a name, or partial name, and quickly receive cell phone number matches for your target.  Access the service easily by texting “help names” to Whooster LE for up to 99 cell number matches.

Fast access to identity information reduces the person-hours and budget needed for case investigation. Whooster tools help you identify suspects, solve crimes, and get potential bad actors off the streets before they get another opportunity to offend.

One of our clients reported:

“We had a murder a few weeks ago and Whooster was very instrumental in solving the case.  Solving it in regards of timeliness in seizing a vehicle that was used in the murder.   Helped greatly in solving the case in 24 hrs. from shots fired to confession.”

Whether asset recovery, or criminal case, an investigation begins with just a few pieces of the puzzle.  Get the big picture with Whooster LE and Whooster.

When you need to know WHO fast —use Whooster LE and Whooster

More than 850 law enforcement agencies in the United States use Whooster LE to initiate and resolve investigations involving robbery, identity theft, legal due diligence, and more.  Private or Professional investigators, bail bondsmen, and collection agencies rely on Whooster to provide fast, reliable data in the field.

See how easily our cutting-edge SMS / Text Messaging data solutions serve your needs—set up a free trial and experience fast access to important data wherever you can take a call.  Contact Whooster today.

“Whooster received a request for assistance from the DA yesterday afternoon. Whooster queried the telephone numbers submitted and sent them to the DA’s investigator. Within hours we were notified the suspect was in custody and that information we provided was critical in solving this case.” — WHOOSTER CUSTOMER SERVICE


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