Investigate People, Assess Risk, and Analyze Relationships with Whooster LE and Whooster Data Solutions

Real-time, integrated investigative data at your fingertips in seconds

Speed up your investigation or analysis with secure information that meets your data and delivery needs. With proprietary technology and affiliations with network and software partners, Whooster delivers the data solution—and access—your organization needs.

Offering targeted tools, we serve clients including:

  • Whooster LE serves law enforcement and government agencies throughout the United States and approved foreign government agencies.  SMS text, and SaaS platforms give you access to public, private, regulatory, and other background and data set information.
  • Serving private sector clients including law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, corporate risk departments, recovery specialists, collections, private or professional investigators, and others, our Whooster tool delivers fresh data sets, Direct Connect integration, and batching through SMS / Text Messaging and internet-connected services.

Secure and fully compliant with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA) and Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), Whooster LE and Whooster have unmatched delivery capabilities including:

  • SMS / Text Messaging platform: If you have a text-capable device, you can receive identity, location, and background information about your target, or person of interest.
  • SaaS web-based platform: Via smartphone, tablet, or internet-connected device, our proprietary algorithms match your target with billions of available record data sets.
  • Batch: Improve efficiency and reduce cost by taking advantage of web-supported record batching opportunities with Whooster.
  • Direct Connect: Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities—saving you time and money.
  • Integrated SaaS Solutions: Whooster partners with leading cell forensics, signal interception, call detail record analyzers, case management systems and human trafficking Investigations technology companies to deliver the capabilities of our proprietary algorithms within your current software platform.

Serving law enforcement, agencies, and business interests, Whooster LE and Whooster offer data solutions when your responsibilities include:

  • Skip tracing: The location of subjects, person of interest and witnesses is the core to all investigations including the location of neighbors and relatives. Collection agencies, bail enforcement agents, and other recovery specialists require credible identity and location information on persons of interest, or suspects.
  • Crime and terrorism investigation: Across the country, police units and First Responders are trained and positioned to detect, detail, and respond to suspicious activity that could constitute a criminal or terrorist threat.  Quick access to identity information is crucial, and could be life-saving.
  • Legal due diligence and compliance: A rapidly expanding digital and transactional universe requires that legal, corporate, and agency interests receive needed background and identity information.
  • Fraud detection and prevention: Fraud occurs across industry and consumer sectors.  Broad access to integrated data helps you identify patterns, verify identity, and detect or prevent fraudulent schemes.
  • Risk management and assessment: Federal, state, or enterprise risk management requires credible data to enable analysis, identify possible bad actors, and take mitigating steps.
  • Application verification: Investigative database solutions help verify and validate identity as part of a larger background check and approval process.

Flexibility and cost efficiency on the platform of your choice

Working as stand-alone products, you can also gain integrated access to Whooster and Whooster LE through our affiliate partners.

Integrated solutions give you access to Whooster LE data solutions within the software application used by your division, agency, or business.

From extracting and analyzing cell phone data to analyzing video and data transmissions, you will find Whooster search algorithms in products like:

  • Cellebrite
  • Oxygen
  • Pen-Link
  • Sytech

Rely on Whooster—the industry leader for rapid, cross-device data delivery

Compliant, secure, and cost-effective, Whooster LE and Whooster deliver current data when and where you need it, with billing options that suit your organization.  Check out a demonstration or sign-up for a free trial to experience the speed and service of our data tools.

“What I enjoy most about Whooster is the team of individuals that are more than willing to assist, improve, or correct any situation regarding their product to keep the customer happy.” — ANALYST, GOVERNMENT AGENCY


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