Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With? Ask Whooster LE and Whooster

Identity verification and pre-fill speed the application process

Screening applicants or applications is essential for hiring and service agreements.  Our data solutions help you verify identity, detect and correct errors, and fill in data. We are a leading provider of investigative data for law enforcement agencies and business interests across the United States.

Whooster and Whooster LE help your agency or organization gain valuable background information and aid with the efficient processing of applications involving:

  • Credit cards
  • Financing and investments
  • Insurance
  • Service providers
  • Retailing

In many industries, background check compliance is not just important—it is required.  In the current risk management climate, employers and service providers need insight into applicants before putting a service or financial investment on the line.

Identity theft is an increasing problem, and becoming more common.  Is your loan applicant who they say they are?  Use Whooster data tools to help your investigators, analysts, or processors streamline application verification and completion by filling in the data.

Whooster LE and Whooster help you with application verification and law enforcement background checks

Whooster LE and Whooster are tools to authenticate, validate, and verify applicant information.

Some key benefits of using Whooster data include:

  • Verify an applicant name in real time.  Determine whether an individual is who they claim to be.  For applicants, or suspects, our Whooster SMS text-tool returns identifying data within seconds.
  • Depending on whether you use Whooster LE or Whooster, you gain fast access to identity information including:
    • Name / address / phone number
    • Alias / additional address / additional phone numbers
    • Historical cell phone data / lookup information
    • Birth date / relatives
  • We can speed your application process with prefill.  Address, phone number, and other information is quickly accessed to reduce error, and speed processing time.  Prefill reduces manual application entry error rates and the possibility of incomplete applications.
  • Whooster LE and Whooster help you understand the business background of your applicant or person of interest.
  • Save time and encourage customer, client, or applicant engagement.  Whooster background data can speed the application process, reduce mistakes, and improve your customer service.

The Whooster and Whooster LE value difference

As a leading provider of investigative data, we offer tools to meet your investigative data needs.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Compliance: Committed to regulatory compliance, Whooster LE delivers full data sets to law enforcement and government agencies.  Our proprietary private sector tool, Whooster, offers fresh data sets congruent with current regulatory requirements.
  • Faster: Receive requested information via SMS messaging of your query on any text-enabled device.  For batching and full data sets, we offer SaaS service to any Internet supported device.
  • Reliable: Whooster LE and Whooster make use of proprietary technology filters to match results against billions of records to deliver fresh, reliable query results.
  • Delivery: Expect delivery of text-based queries within five to seven seconds.  Data delivered via the Internet is rapidly processed and delivered.  Check out our demonstration to experience the ease of Whooster LE and Whooster tools.

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