Whooster LE Tools Aid Law Enforcement with Criminal and Terrorist Investigations

Identity tools are essential for investigation and resolution of criminal matters

The acquisition of identity, location, and background information is critical for police, specialized task forces, and other law enforcement units.  When you need to verify identity or conduct a rapid person search, Whooster LE data solutions provide fast, reliable results.

Whooster LE delivery options and proprietary technology give your personnel a powerful tool for obtaining actionable intelligence.  More than 850 law enforcement agencies throughout the United States partner with us because we provide the data they need – where and when they need it.

Whooster LE supports your operatives in the field or office

Along with the deterrence and discovery of crime, law enforcement personnel across the country and the world are responsible for public safety, and local and national security. While the public often hears of law enforcement in action, the majority of the work goes on behind the scenes, with person searches, intelligence analyses, and the quiet work of investigating and resolving criminal matters.

Law enforcement depends on robust information technology.

One of the key strategies of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center is the use of technology in the following ways:

  • Use and delivery of integrated information technology solutions to aid analysis, collaboration, and information sharing
  • Optimize resources for transparent governance
  • Implement standards and create infrastructure

Whooster LE is a key provider of investigative data to law enforcement.

This data solution enables analysts and police officers to dig deeper and do more in less time, with less budget:

“Our team has been using Whooster for several months. The overwhelming response from our analysts is that it has become one of the first places they go when they need to identify suspects via phone numbers. The information is current, accurate, and rich.”


Count on Whooster LE when you need accurate data fast

Whooster LE offers flexibility and speed unmatched by other industry products.

Through SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS platforms, we offer tools that support your investigative challenges:

  • SMS / Text Messaging based tools: Whooster LE  allows you to transmit queries via text and receive a rapid response. A powerful tool for law enforcement in the field, this text-based product requires no Internet or WiFi access.  Results are typically returned within five to seven seconds.
    • Depending on the product, the types of information provided include: 
      • Number-to-name data
      • Address
      • Telephone number
      • Name-to-number data
      • Alias 
      • Additional name
      • Address
      • Carrier
      • Whooster Cell Directory Assistance
      • Additional addresses
      • Birth date
      • Relative names
  • SaaS web-connected tools: With an Internet connection, you can receive full database results on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Use batching capabilities and deploy our proprietary tech to filter, sort, and return data and links that most closely match your query.

Do you need to locate people and property, or uncover fraud or a suspected criminal or terrorist conspiracy?

Whooster LE technology quickly returns critical data – for only the cost of the data you consume.

Whooster LE: Reliable, cost-effective investigative data acquisition

When you need robust data capabilities for criminal investigation, person searches, skip tracing, or other aims, Whooster LE delivers quickly and accurately across devices.  Sign up for a free-trial to see how Whooster can support your law enforcement effort or criminal investigation.


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