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Fraud affects consumers, businesses, and the economy at all levels.  Whooster data solutions help you avoid loss through the use of reliable data in your risk management processes.

Fraud is basically the use of deception for personal or financial gain.  Deceptive practices are commonplace across industry.  Risk management units and officers are responsible for devising and using protocols to detect fraud and prevent financial and asset loss.

According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance fraud alone accounts for an $80 billion drain on the U.S. economy each year.  Of that, about $32 billion appears in the form of fraudulent property or casualty claims.  The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently warned of a rise in fraudulent schemes and new scams aimed at private citizens and also corporations involving fraud via email.

As noted by Homeland Security (DHS), “As Americans become more reliant on modern technology, we also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks such as corporate security breaches, spear phishing, and social media fraud.”

A common component of fraud is the inability of a private or public victim to understand the identity, and background, of the individual or business concern who may be trying to take advantage of them.  Our Whooster LE and Whooster tools can help.

Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions help detect fraud

Despite an increase in criminal sophistication, law enforcement agencies are routinely expected to do more with less. A great deal of crime in all sectors goes undetected, allowing scams and schemes to increase in complexity and damage.

Whooster LE currently partners with more than 850 law enforcement units across the United States to increase success and decrease the time and budget needed to get the same results.

Data is an important factor in risk management to detect and prevent fraud. Whooster LE and Whooster are solutions that provide leading-edge technology and proprietary search algorithms to give your investigators and analysts the critical information they need to resolve caseloads.  Consider how data enables law enforcement, government agencies, and corporate officers to move forward with fraud investigations:

  • Who: The amount of information maintained by a company or a single law enforcement database is insignificant compared to the data available from public and proprietary resources.  Whooster LE and Whooster proprietary search algorithms, combined with API integration with leading data resources, give you unsurpassed access to understand the identity and background of customers, clients, suspects, and persons of interest. Find Out WHO Fast.
  • What: Whooster LE and Whooster products include text, web, batch, Direct Connect and affiliate integrations.  These unique data search solutions allow you to tailor services to your need.  Each product provides vital, current information delivered on your device of choice in quick response to your query.  When you need data for analytics, understanding a pattern of behavior, or locating the relatives of a suspected fraudster, we are your industry leader in comprehensive data products.
  • Where: Receive a response to your identity query within seconds wherever you can use a text-enabled device.  You do not need to be near WiFi, or have an Internet connection, to use our data solutions.  Our SaaS mode delivers internet search and retrieve capabilities. Use LE and Whooster when you need reliable identity, location, or other data within seconds.

For detecting and fighting fraud, reliable, broad-based data is essential to detect patterns and bad actors.  When you need to know who—contact Whooster.

Detect fraud and identity theft with Whooster LE and Whooster data tools

Talk to us about good answers for your investigative needs.  With Whooster LE and Whooster, you pay only for the data you consume, giving your budget a break without slowing your battle against fraud, narcotics, or criminal enterprise.  Sign up for a free-trial, or contact us today with your questions.


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