Robust Investigative Data Support for Legal Due Diligence and Compliance

Industry-leading information services to meet compliance needs

When you conduct legal due diligence, Whooster LE or Whooster is your partner for investigative data.

Due diligence requires the use of reasonable effort to examine the subject of an event, transaction, or other proceeding.  That could be a background check on a potential witness, a person search related to a criminal suspect, local or federal regulation, or a rigorous financial analysis in anticipation of a business sale.

Documentation and data are critical components of a business background or people search.

State, federal and businesses interests that commonly perform due diligence include:

  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Financial institutions
  • Law firms
  • Law enforcement
  • Real estate
  • Corporate law
  • Investment firm
  • Professional practitioners
  • Credit agencies

The more complex the transactional and compliance requirements, the more complicated the due diligence process.

Through providing reliable, rapid data for personal and business background checks, Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions deliver key services to help you make informed, compliant decisions.

Use Whooster LE and Whooster information tools for person search or background checks

Lack of legal due diligence can lead to loss of many kinds. Without proper due diligence, a corporation can lose billions of dollars from an improperly vetted merger or acquisition. Failure by law enforcement to investigate the statements of a suspect could lead to personal harm, property damage, or even a terrorist action.

For law enforcement and financial institutions, the detection and prevention of money laundering is a global concern, often detected through investigations related to concerns about compliance, due diligence, or tax fraud.  Regulations require banks to report and document the transfer of large sums of money. Tracing these data trails allows law enforcement to detect patterns of criminal enterprise around the world.

Whooster LE and Whooster give law enforcement, government, financial, and other agencies quick access to reliable background information in the following ways:

  • Access: Whooster tools offer cutting-edge delivery modes when you need to search public, private, or other record data sets.  Whooster and Whooster LE data is available  on the SMS / Text Messaging platform. With a text-enabled device, you quickly receive results with no need for WiFi or Internet access.  Our SaaS technology quickly streams data to your smartphone, tablet, or other Internet-connected device.
  • Data sets: By partnering with leading data sources, we pair proprietary search algorithms with billions of records to quickly parse and filter the results you need.  As we continue to integrate our API into existing investigative databases, you continue to gain access to comprehensive data from multiple reliable sources while using only one vendor.
  • Speed: Whooster LE and Whooster technology quickly deliver responsive results.  Through text or Internet-supported platforms, you receive essential information within five to seven seconds.

Performing legal due diligence is important for personal, business, and transactional safety.  Whooster LE and Whooster products help you understand person or business background quickly.

Use Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions for criminal, corporate, or legal due diligence and regulatory compliance

With or without Internet access, Whooster and Whooster LE deliver the data you need.  Watch a quick demonstration to see how our investigative database search and delivery tools can work for you.


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