Improve Risk Management Practices with Investigative Data from Whooster LE and Whooster

Credible, deep data to help you prevent fraud

Risk management requires that you understand the threat factors facing your constituents, consumers, or corporation.  Data solution tools from Whooster and Whooster LE help you to filter credible concerns out of the noise.

The prospect of criminal activity across sectors continues to rise.  Government agencies like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have enacted programs to detect fraud. The financial industry struggles to respond to digital risk, and law enforcement agencies face challenges ranging from local policing to keeping track of potential acts of terrorism on domestic soil.

Detection and prevention is an important part of any risk management program—and Big Data is an important aspect of detection.

Whooster LE and Whooster help you identify bad actors

Analytics are increasingly used to drive risk management programs across business enterprises and law enforcement.  Though enterprise risk management (ERM) and law enforcement risk management do not often overlap, both rely on large-scale use of data to offer insight, critical data, and feedback for incident management and best practices.

Because criminal activities quickly adapt to detection and anti-fraud measures, law enforcement and corporations must have access to relevant information to address risk in a crowd—or the Cloud.

Consider the Whooster LE and Whooster advantage:

  • Whooster LE and Whooster proprietary algorithms parse, match, link, and filter large amounts of data that would otherwise be overwhelming.  Our industry-leading tech goes further to rapidly identify risk and return actionable results.  Receive valuable risk-pertinent data where and when you need it with Whooster LE and Whooster.
  • Our SMS / Text Messaging and Web-based products give your investigators and analysts an assist with smart tech query results.  Integrated API-licensing with multiple data providers gives Whooster LE and Whooster products an edge in deep data. And just as important, our algorithms and delivery capabilities quickly transmit the data you need.
  • With SMS / Text Messaging and SaaS delivery capabilities, Whooster is an industry leader in the delivery of current data across devices.  With SMS text messaging, no Internet access or WiFi capability is needed. Via text or web, receive needed information quickly,

Because Whooster LE and Whooster operate outside of an app, there is no need to wait to launch software to get the data you need.  Our SaaS services provide access to comprehensive record sets across Internet-connected devices—including tablet, smartphone, or computer.  If you need person search information, we have a data delivery option to support your needs.

For law enforcement and business, risk management requires effective tools and practices to define, detect, respond to, and mitigate actual and projected threats. When current and historical data is needed for identity, location, and background modeling, partner with Whooster LE or Whooster.

Use Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions to detect and manage risk

Let Whooster LE and Whooster help you understand who you are dealing with.  View a demonstration, or sign up for a free trial to experience the Whooster difference.  When you need investigative data, talk to us about the right options for your investigation.


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