Find Your Target with Powerful Skip Tracing Tools and a Premier Investigative Database

Proprietary technology and deep data sources streamline people searches

When you are looking for someone, look no further than Whooster LE and Whooster skip tracing solutions. Our investigative database and unique algorithm search tools return reliable data to you in seconds.

Whooster is a provider of current and historical public, private, and other data concerning individuals and business.  Our tools are used by hundreds of government and law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Because of the powerful capabilities of our search algorithms, Whooster LE and Whooster products are ideal for individuals, agencies, and businesses involved in person searches, including:

  • Law enforcement and police
  • Intelligence groups
  • Creditors
  • Financial institutions
  • Collection agencies
  • Collection attorneys
  • Private and Professional investigators
  • Constables
  • Bail enforcement agents
  • Government collections

Use Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions for targeted person searches

The challenge of skip tracing is finding individuals who may no longer be local, and who don’t want to be found. Maximize your effort and reduce your investigative budget by using the right data tools to identify and locate your persons of interest.

Consider these benefits of using Whooster LE and Whooster products for skip data:

  • The right data: Digital skip tracing often turns up data—but is it the right data?  The accuracy of your results depends on the quality of search technology.  Used by police, investigators, and analysts, Whooster LE and Whooster technology was developed to sort, filter, match, and link for high probability results.
  • Enough data: Skip tracing results depend on a broad search base.  While you can conduct the same search with subscriptions to multiple data providers, Whooster tools put you on the leading edge though API-licensing with high-quality data vendors.  Instead of one provider, with one data source you are working with an integrated field of data sources to increase the likelihood of successful matching.
  • Cost: The cost of building, maintaining, and updating internal investigative database resources is prohibitive—and inefficient.  Whooster and Whooster LE solutions update through API-integration with partners.  Take advantage of a networked community doing the work to make sure your returned results are fresh and reliable.  Your costs come down when you pay only for the data you consume.
  • Delivery: Whooster data solutions lead the industry in investigative data delivery.  Whether in the office or the field, with or without internet service, choose whether you access data on an SMS / Text Message or SaaS platform:
  • Text message: If you have a device able to transmit text information, you can receive requested identity, location, phone and other data via text within five to seven seconds of your request using Whooster LE.  You do not need Internet or WiFi access, and you do not have to wait to launch an app.  Send a text—get your data.
  • Access via Internet connection: Accessible from a tablet, smartphone, or any Internet-connected device, Whooster web tools make working with full data sets easy, and offer batching capabilities.

Improve person search and skip trace success with Whooster LE and Whooster

Match and link to results that count with Whooster LE and Whooster data solutions.  We offer flexible rate plan options and you pay only for data you use—without the cost of maintenance.  Talk to us today about the solutions you need to spend more of your time working with data—instead of looking for it.

Check out the Whooster experience with a free-trial, or take a look at how fast Whooster mobile tools can work for you with a demonstration.


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