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Whooster Contact Tracing

Data to Find and Advise

Seeking Real-Time Person Data to find those 2nd Degree exposed individuals and advise them? Integrate Whooster Contact Information into your existing Contact Tracing Solution.


Technology to drive the Complete Contact Tracing Solution

Seeking a complete technology platform? Whooster has the “out of the box” solution.

As employers bring their employees back to work and social interactions become the norm – Whooster is here to Assist Government Agencies and Private Sector Clients in setting up their protocols and systems.

Data to Find and Advise

Whooster Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing can assist in identifying the Transmission Chain and then provide Identity Information associated with those in the chain.

Whooster Contact Tracing Solutions assists First Responders in locating individuals who have been in contact with an Infected Subject to assist in breaking the chain of transmission.

Whooster can provide contact information from any of the following pieces of information: Name, Address, Phone #, Common Resident, Neighbor, Relative, Business Ownership Information, Motor Vehicles and much more.

Whooster Contact Tracing

Common Residence – Provide an Address:


Neighborhood Canvas Tool

Select the homes on the map and Whooster will provide contact information. No need to leave the office or your car- safe social distancing protocols.

Data Returned

Select your Subject and Click on the Subject Summary Report for additional information as well as the Whooster Subject Detail and Subject Enhanced Report providing valuable information on the subject including employers, Likely and Possible Associates, 3 Degrees of Relatives and much more.

Neighborhood Canvas Tool

Technology to Drive the Complete Contact Tracing Solution

Whooster OWL Technology Platform

  • Data Entry and Scheduling Appointments
  • Workflow Management
    • Administrative Staff
    • Healthcare Staff
  • Patient Records
  • Business Rules
  • Geo-Tracking
  • Patient Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Alerts

Whooster Data can be integrated into your existing platforms, via Batch or API, to comply with your agencies existing Contact Tracing Protocols.

Whooster Contract Tracing

What Experts Says
About Us

"An individual was at a COVID-19 Testing center and tested positive. When the individual was asked who they were in recent contact with one of the names on the list was the person's uncle. When an attempt to contact the uncle was made the phone number provided was not correct. Whooster, using the uncle’s name, was able to find the current phone number - the uncle was reached and came in for testing."
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