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Connecting Data To Power Wise Decisions

At Whooster we help our customer find – Who, What and Where and to analyze the relationships between them.

Whooster leverages our OWL technology with public and private data sources to get you reliable and fresh information when you need it.

Because our OWL Data Fusion technology begins with intelligence from multiple sources, you spend less time looking for, and more time working with, data. Our proprietary technology sorts, matches, and links results to surface previously unknown relationships to provide you the information and solution you need.

Whooster’s OWL Technology Platform has a wide range of uses across multiple industries seeking to Access, Integrate, Link and Match Data Housed in Various Databases, Applications and Formats.

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All of us at Whooster Adhere to the following principles:

The Whooster Way describes the principles, behaviors, and practices that are the foundation of our unique culture. It explains how we relate to each other and our clients. It's who we are and it's what drives our extraordinary success.

  • Be Passionate About What We Do.

    Be Passionate About What We Do.

    Have a passion for what we do and be fully engaged. Make the most of each day by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm. Work with a sense of urgency to get things done.

  • Innovate.


    Innovation, improvement, and success don’t come from playing it safe. They come from a thoughtful and intentional willingness to try the unconventional and to ask “What if?” Try a new way. Think differently.

  • Think Team First.

    Think Team First.

    It’s not about you. Don’t let your own ego or personal agenda get in the way of doing what’s best for the team. Be there for each other and be willing to step into another role or help a co-worker when that’s what’s required for success. Help each other to succeed.

  • Create A Great Impression.

    Create A Great Impression.

    Every conversation, phone call, e-mail, letter, and even voicemail, sets a tone and creates an impression. Pay attention to every interaction and be sure you’re setting a tone that’s friendly, warm, and helpful.

  • Honor Commitments.

    Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. This includes being on time for all phone calls, appointments, meetings, and promises. If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, notify others early and agree on a new deliverable to be honored.

Connecting Data To Power Wise Decisions

Provide personalized content distribution

  • Make smarter well-informed decisions
  • DoD – Sole Source Provider
    Other Fed and local agencies – Sole Source Provider
  • Defense Innovation Network
connecting data to power wise decisions

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