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Whooster Corporate Security Solutions

Protect Your Corporate Business with Access to Whooster Intelligence

The challenge of Corporate Security

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses experience a loss of more than $3.5 trillion each year due to fraudsters. Added to this there are many unprecedented physical risks such as accidents, fires, natural disasters, etc. As a huge organization, you have multiple tasks or activities to manage such as assets, properties, employees, resources, customer data, and company data. And it is your responsibility to make sure they are safe from various internal and external threats. But it is critical to identify and mitigate risks, claim investigations, recognize fraud, theft, financial crimes, malicious activities, etc. To make it easy for organizations, it is crucial to consider Corporate Security. For ensuring corporate security, you as an organization need real-time access to intelligence data and important information. With Whooster, get access to comprehensive, rapid, accurate, and real-time data that will help you reduce claims, thefts, and quickly reach the truth effectively.

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Safeguard your company with Whooster robust insights

Whooster gives you access to real-time, comprehensive, accurate, and quick data intelligence and analytics. With these insights, quickly respond, evaluate risk factors of the future, conduct efficient and successful corporate investigations that will help you protect your reputational and financial risk.

  • Turn down risk

    Conducting these complex threat investigations can be time taking and protecting your corporate reputation is crucial. If you delay in accessing data analytics and conducting efficient investigations, your reputation can be jeopardized. Whooster data is a boon for all of these drawbacks, providing just the right amount of data instantly which ultimately turns down risk.

  • Real-time, accurate data

    It is not just about getting access to data analytics, you also need precise and authentic data and within the time slot. Whooster has it all – from real-time authentic data to accurate filtered data from various data sources.

  • Efficiency

    With access to the most current data analytics, the insights also need to be relevant and efficient enough to map out the hidden connections and catch the subject that will drastically reduce the investigation time.

  • Comprehensive picture

    Examine, research, match the patterns and build connections of the subjects to view it in a comprehensive picture. With this comprehensive picture, you can support your corporate claims.

Solving cases with Whooster, you can aid:

  • Identity verification
  • Improve due diligence
  • Mitigate risks
  • Verify vendors, partners, & other relationships
  • Evaluate corporate security with accuracy
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Have a CLEAR vision of Whooster in action

Using Whooster’s customer verification solutions, a small financial institution in Nebraska detected an illicit scheme. A local business made regular deposits of relatively small amounts. The bank manager became suspicious when the business owner made a large investment in new ovens for his less- than-thriving pizzeria, with payments going to a new restaurant supply company.

Whooster’s integrated real-time and historical data sets in customer identification software enabled the bank to detect the money- laundering scheme, showing that, in addition to other irregularities, the supplier was a shell company owned by the nephew of the pizza owner’s wife. Moreover, it was found that the nephew had a meth charge in Oklahoma 10 years earlier. Not only was the bank saved from regulatory violations, but law enforcement also investigated the pizzeria owner, the nephew, and several co-conspirators for drug trafficking.