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Whooster – Putting Data to Work

Empowering the Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

With the evolving digital era, the public sector is also upgrading its idea of serving people and consumers. Being Government official, you are on a mission with a firm commitment to serving your community.

With Whooster, get access to accurate insights that help you empower employees and management.Robust data analytics from Whooster solutions gives you quality governance, visual analytics, the ability to manage the next crisis, leading Artificial Intelligence, collaboration capabilities, etc. Be mission-ready with Whooster data insights.

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Whooster Helps Government Agencies Draw Clear Insights

  • Global Risk Mitigation

    It’s not only about data access, but also the capability to analyze these complex data structures. Quick visual insights are crucial for risk mitigation and Whooster gives you clear, real-time insights to predict future risks. Avoid human error and access reliable information you can trust to protect your organization from risks.

  • Ensure Public Safety

    Threats are not limited to certain sectors, they have found ways to all the sectors of the country. In this scenario, Government Agencies need to be more cautious on the public safety aspects. Whooster real-time data access gives secured and critical visual insights that help you solve crucial missions, find missing persons, and help you maintain a safe community.

  • Public Health - Contact Tracing

    As a Public Sector Agency, it is your responsibility to understand the health data and risks of the citizens. External policy research sometimes misses crucial clinical data. Whooster data assistance to the Government makes sure you understand the importance of reducing these risks.

  • Revenue and Tax Collection

    Tax cheats cost the U.S. $1 trillion per year, says I.R.S. Chief. With the increase in non-filers and under-reporters, it’s arduous to filter all the subjects. Whooster’s actionable insights help quickly identify fraudsters and amplify tax and revenue collection.

  • Fraud Detection & Prevention

    As a part of Government officers, you have the authority to keep your insights safe and confidential in some critical missions. In case of scattered information, you can miss the hidden connections to reach your subject. Whooster simplifies security and empowers you with actionable insights on people, businesses, suspects, witnesses, etc. Visualize the patterns in a bigger picture with Whooster for quick fraud detection and prevention.

  • Locate People

    Identity frauds are the largest concern when there are emerging businesses and people. In this case, it becomes crucial for the governing bodies to keep up their action to locate and identify these businesses and people associated with them. Whooster technology helps you verify the crucial information in this aspect. Verify names, businesses, partners, personal identities, licenses, criminal records, etc.

Empowering Federal and Government Agencies

Whooster is empowering Government Agencies to advance their capabilities to complete their investigations and missions.

Get clarity with Whooster in action during Pandemic

A patient tested positive at a COVID-19 testing center. When the individual was asked who they were in recently in contact with, one of the names on the list was the person’s uncle. When an attempt to contact the uncle was made, the phone number provided was not correct. Whooster, using the uncle’s name, was able to find the current phone number – the uncle was reached and came in for testing.