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Accelerate Investigations and Generate Actionable Leads

As an Investigator, gathering just the right amount of data can be difficult and time-consuming.With this, it has become harder to identify criminals because of the plethora of information. Whooster simplifies the data challenges and provides complete, actionable intelligence. For effective investigations, you need specific data checkpoints, relevant connections, reveal suspicious activities within the relevant time frame before the critical clues are lost.

Access real-time, instant, and comprehensive data from public and private records which helps you generate investigative leads that drive you to make informed decisions. Track and analyze crucial datasets with ease and in a persuasive broad picture. Identify and map out hidden connections to catch the suspect in question.

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How Whooster helps you reveal the whole story of your investigations

  • Accelerate your analytics

    No matter the type of investigation that you’re working, we can help accelerate your analytics,connect the dots and automate your processes with real-time, accurate data solutions.

  • Discover patterns

    Quickly analyze complex information and get access to accurate results that will help you discover hidden patterns, leading you towards your subject.

  • Locate person of interest

    Every single moment is crucial when you are searching for a person of interest. With Whooster,quickly locate the person before the lead goes cold.

  • Unlock crucial insights

    Unlock crucial insights and map the missing pieces of the investigation to discover new paths that will ultimately lead you to the intel that solves your case.

  • Solve cases with ease

    As an investigator, you need access to real-time data regardless of where you are. With Whooster data solutions, access data instantly at your fingertips.

  • Real-time data access

    Effective investigations require the ability to identify and locate the subject, detect patterns and create actionable intelligence. To conduct these activities, you need real-time access to crucial data. Whooster provides you with real-time records of data analytics to make sure you do not miss a vital clue.

Land on the finish line with Whooster data

Whooster uses advanced technology that provides aggregated data analytics to help you reach your subject, people, diverse businesses, etc. When you’re racing against the clock to uncover the truth, Whooster helps you cross the finish line before time runs out.

Whooster in Action

For 20 years, Todd Philips worked as a factory worker for a major automotive company. Like an assembly line technician, his job varied from inspecting parts to carrying heavy equipment. One day, while moving a muffler from the factory floor to a nearby conveyor belt, Todd tripped. Weeks later, he filed a worker’s compensation claim.

His lack of urgency in filing the claim signaled that something was off. As a result, the insurance company sent an Investigator out to Todd’s home to confirm his claim. Upon arrival at Mr. Phillips’ residence, the adjuster noticed stacks of neatly piled, recently cut wood. This was highly suspicious but not necessarily indicative of insurance fraud.

On his way back to the office, the insurance Investigator stopped to fill up at a nearby gas station. While at the pump, he happened to notice an advertisement for firewood chopping. The ad had little information except for a phone number. While in the field the Investigator promptly used Whooster’s SMS service to enter the same phone number, which was associated with Mr. Phillips. After passing the information along to the necessary authorities, it was determined that Mr. Phillips had engaged in workers’ compensation fraud — he was collecting disability while also earning an income from a woodcutting business.