Whooster Empowers Law Enforcement with the Most Intelligent Data

COMPREHENSIVE Data Solutions for Law Enforcement

Effective law enforcement requires the ability to identify and locate persons, detect patterns, and create comprehensive, actionable intelligence. Whooster data solutions rapidly deliver the information you need by filtering billions of fresh records in real-time.

As an established provider and developer of investigative products for law enforcement agencies we understand the need to obtain real-time information. Our agency data solutions offer access to public and private datasets, proving a valuable partnership to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

At a crime scene and during the aftermath, first responders and others need to know who they are speaking with and the location of persons of interest. Police use secure agency information platforms, intelligence products, and tools like Whooster to assess identity and add to current intelligence.

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Whooster Serves Law Enforcement

  • Federal Agencies
    Federal Agencies
  • Sheriffs & State Police
    Sheriffs & State Police
  • Housing Police
    Housing Police
  • Undercover
  • Intelligence Agencies
    Intelligence Agencies
  • Homeland Security
    Homeland Security
  • Transit Police
    Transit Police
  • Hostage Negotiators
    Hostage Negotiators
  • Customs and Borders Agencies
    Customs and Borders Agencies
  • Airport Police
    Airport Police
  • Military Police
    Military Police
  • Drugs Trafficking Investigations
    Drugs Trafficking Investigations
  • Specialized Task Forces
    Specialized Task Forces
  • Campus Police
    Campus Police
  • Fish and Wildlife Police
    Fish and Wildlife Police
  • Interdiction
  • Local Police
    Local Police
  • Detention Facilities
    Detention Facilities
  • Threat Assessment
    Threat Assessment
  • International Investigations
    International Investigations

The Whooster Difference

Strategic, Streamlined Investigatie Data At Your Fingertips

  • Real-time Intelligence
  • Access via multiple front-ends
  • Customer Based Administration Functions
  • Search by Latitude and Longitude
  • Ability to curate other data sources
  • Personalized Data Distribution
Strategic, Streamlined Investigatie Data At Your Fingertips

Whooster - Innovative Software Solutions & Tools

  • Web-Based Platform
    Web-Based Platform

    Internet-supported solutions including search, data retrieval and batching.

  • Batch Platform
    Batch Platform

    Integrated into our Web-Based platform. Batch 2 – 100,000+ records at one time.

  • Text Messaging Platform
    Text Messaging Platform

    Delivery of data in the field to your mobile device without an app or web access.

  • Direct Connect
    Direct Connect

    Integration of the Whooster Data Fusion Engine directly into your existing software improves your search capabilities – saving you time and money.

  • Integrated DaaS Solutions
    Integrated DaaS Solutions

    Gain access to our data fusion engine through our API Affiliates that offer products used for human trafficking investigations, cell detail record analysis, cell forensics, case management and signal interception, among others.

  • Access Your Own Data
    Access Your Own Data

    Challenged on How to Access your Proprietary – Classified and Legacy – Structured or Unstructured Datasets –Struggling to Incorporate New Data Sources - Whooster’s OWL Technology is the solution.

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Customer Stories

Whooster Helped Greatly in Solving The Case in 24 hours from Shots Fired to Confession