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Data Solutions for Legal Officers/ Professionals

Build stronger cases with Whooster extensive data records

Earlier, the legal department faced a lack of data analytics to measure their research, findings, and create a report. Every business, be it a small-sized or an enterprise business, expect their legal department to work on various data analytics and present the reports for quick decisions and track. Hence, the use of data analytics has become more crucial than ever.

Data analytics from Whooster makes it easy for attorneys, legal officers, investigators to put their investigation pieces together so that they can have a big picture of the complete case. Whooster gives access to data analytics that quickly acts as actionable intelligence. Filter our massive public and private data records into crucial insights with our advanced search technology. Organize every case pieces with real-time data access.

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Outcomes of Whooster Data assistance

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Artificial intelligence & Machine learning
  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Contract management
  • Data Protection
  • Defense
  • Financial Services
  • IoT Analytics
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain
  • Health & Life Sciences

Outcomes of Whooster Data assistance

  • Validate businesses

    With instant access to large public and private data analytics, you can validate the business records with actionable insights.

  • Track ownerships of assets

    Through the advanced technology from Whooster, you can track ownership of various assets, be it a subject asset or a business bases asset. Also, Whooster helps you with insights into proprietary records from private data.

  • Trace subjects and witnesses

    The real-time and actionable data analytics, Whooster not only helps you trace subjects and witnesses but also ensures you conduct complete investigations in an instance.

  • Verify testimonies

    After collecting testimonies from your case witness, you must verify the same before you present it in your legal process. Hence, Whooster quick insights will make it easy for you to verify testimonies.

  • Uphold business relationships

    With real-time data insights, make sure you are maintaining the support with your business relationships. Keep track of your personal and business relationships by examining timely.

Case Study

Case: Even the hard-to-find can’t hide from collection attorneys who use our sophisticated capabilities. Whooster searches millions of public and private records in mere seconds—including liens, bankruptcy filings, assets, phone numbers, and addresses—to improve right-party contact rates. Whooster’s skip-tracing tools speed up your debt recovery process while staying in compliance with strict regulatory guidelines.

A contractor who owed money to his supplier vanished without paying his bill. The supplier was on the verge of bankruptcy when his attorney used Whooster to help locate the missing contractor. The supplier finally received payment and was able to save his business, which today is thriving.

Whooster data insights and actionable intelligence ensure you conduct speedy investigations, reduce costs, and turn down your legwork. Give it a free trial.