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Accelerate Your Customer On-boarding Process with Whooster

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Smooth, Hassle-free, and Efficient User Onboarding Verifications

The world is swiftly shifting to automated processes, Whooster helps businesses build smooth workflow processes for their new users through centrally managed data aggregation across our internal business ecosystem.

Using Whooster customer onboarding verification empowers your business to automate processes and maximizing outcomes. Timely data analysis helps merchants offer a fast, simple onboarding experience for customers. Whooster allows you the opportunity to on-board your users and improve customer satisfaction with hassle-free, efficient solutions.

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Online identity and age verification for age-restricted products

Fraudsters are always trying to find a way to enter your data system. Hence, it becomes crucial to keep an eye on your data systems. When users open a new account they expect a smooth, quick and secure on-boarding process. The pivotal role of Identity Verification is to ensure the person opening the account is indeed a valid person. Whooster Identity Verification Solutions use integrated Artificial Intelligence to make sure that the user is verified in all aspects, creating a user on-boarding process that accelerates customer satisfaction.

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User On-boarding at Whooster

  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Whooster on-boarding verifications help users with a smooth, hassle-free, and secure process enabling increased customer satisfaction.

  • Build customer loyalty

    A satisfied customer brings in loyalty towards your business. Through a simplified user on-boarding process, customer loyalty is improved, ensuring increased retention and reducing customer abandonment.

  • Prevent abandonment

    With the growth of the digital era, customers are expecting to receive data at their fingertips in lightning speed, delivering everything in a simplified process. With Whooster, make sure your users are on-boarded in the easiest way to process and build your customer relationships.

  • Efficient user onboarding

    Whooster technologies enable a simple, accurate, and customer-centric process which will lead to an increase in loyalty, satisfied users and also contributes to your team’s efforts to convert and engage.

  • Accurate verification

    User verification is a crucial step for the for on-boarding and application verification process, Whooster ensures accurate and fast verification using real-time analytics.

Leverage the power of Whooster to advance your business objectives

In the digital age, customers expect a lot from retailers and other businesses. With Whooster, you can increase your customer acquisition rate and provide users with a hassle-free, secure shopping experience.

Whooster in Action | Pre-fill verifications

According to ACI Worldwide Research, global e-Commerce retail sales reached 209% year-over-year revenue growth.

With Whooster, you can process applications quickly and securely. From a security standpoint, pre-fill verification is critical for online merchants. Unknown to many online applicants, at the same time they are entering in their name, SSN address, phone number or other pertinent information that’s being verified in real-time against multiple data sets. The quality, accuracy, and speed of pre-fill verification can make a tremendous difference in the ability to detect fraud.

An online vendor needed help verifying buyers of age-restricted merchandise in real-time on their website. Whooster’s advanced verification solutions gave the company confidence with every sale by validating customers instantly. Any customer who attempted to enter false information was quickly detected and restricted from further interactions on the website.