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Identify Fraud with Real-Time and Actionable Data

Detect Fraud and Improve Your Investigation Capabilities

With the evolution of the digital era and high technology, the type of fraud has also been evolving making it more complex to identify. Many organizations, businesses, the commerce industry, etc. are under the impression that their standard compliances are capable enough to detect and keep them away from such scenarios.

But, it is crucial to acknowledge that online fraud in the 21st century has become more complex than ever. Email phishing, identity theft, and illicit commerce trade are the most arduous to detect. Outsmart your fraudsters and make your standards capable to defend your organization against fraud risks with Whooster – chosen by the top Law Enforcement, Federal, and Government bodies.

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Whooster Data Assists

  • Retail Fraud
  • Corporate Fraud
  • White Collar Fraud
  • Criminal Fraud
  • Benefits Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Medicaid - Medicare Fraud
  • Government Benefits Fraud
  • E-Commerce Fraud
  • User Onboarding Fraud

Takeaways from Whooster Data

  • Identify hidden clues and connections

    Whooster database gives you powerful data insights within seconds before you lose a hidden clue that can be a crucial subject to close your investigation successfully.

  • Conduct complete investigations from 360 angle

    Analyze your clues, connect patterns to your subjects or various witnesses from a 360 angle.Whooster database gives you a perspective in different colors making you capable to conduct complete investigations.

  • Validate identities

    We are in an era, where every single person has created multiple identities online. Scattered and disconnected data of your organization often gives fraudsters a chance to deploy identity attacks. Whooster technology validates identities for a safer transaction.

  • Anticipate future fraud scenarios

    With access to comprehensive data from Whooster, be future-ready. Anticipate possible fraud scenarios with strong compliance and insightful predictive analysis.

  • Catch the person of interest within no time

    When you are investigating, you need information within a specific time – within the golden hour and before the clues grow cold. Real-time access to data can help you catch the person of interest within no time.

Insurance Fraud - Whooster in action!

Fact: The FBI estimates that the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is more than $40 billion per year.

In 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base as a category 5 storm, killing 43 people and causing property damage estimated to be in excess of $4.5 billion. Unfortunately, some people took advantage of the tragic situation.

Kelly and David Smithers were fortunate enough to have their home survive the storm unscathed. But they desperately wanted to remodel their family room. David’s brother owned a construction company and knew which support beams needed to be damaged to warrant the necessary repairs. The Smithers knowingly engaged in insurance fraud and would have gotten away with the scam if not for Whooster.

The insurance company sent an investigator out to examine the damage. The agent was immediately suspicious of what he saw — the beams appeared to be damaged by some type of tool, not a hurricane. After using Whooster to conduct a property title search, phone search, and business search by address, the investigator uncovered David’s brother’s construction company. He also found out that the company had previous complaints related to insurance fraud. An internal investigation was launched, the necessary authorities were contacted and Smithers were charged with insurance fraud.

Advanced Fraud Detection from Whooster

In most huge organizations, consumer data is scattered amongst various providers. This unfortunately gives a clear path to fraudsters to attack and steal the identity. As, we looked at earlier, how the digital world has evolved and so are the frauds. To combat these savvy cybercriminals, you need to outsmart them and identify your customer’s real-world identity. Mitigate fraud and risk factors with Whooster’s AI and Machine learning intelligence. Identity verification and authentication solutions from Whooster to improve user experience and strong fraud detection.

Disclaimer: Use case examples are not actual due to privacy restrictions. They are representative of solutions provided by Whooster.